1. Sportsmanship

    1. All Drivers are required to be respectful of their fellow drivers, the NRS, and series officials. This applies at all times, whether before, during or after the actual race.
      What happens outside the NRS stays outside the NRS
      We all deal with stress daily, we don’t need it here. Leave your baggage behind and don’t carry it into NRS sessions. Your crappy day doesn’t need to end up being someone else’s.
  2. Conduct Detrimental to the NRS

    1. There is a lot of time, energy, and money that goes into running each season of every series. To accomplish this, we require donations of time and money from individuals and companies. To support those who donate time, money, or purchase sponsorships it is imperative that we make protecting the integrity of this NRS and of those associated it our highest priority. It is a privilege to participate in this NRS and not a right. Everyone who is part of this NRS must refrain from “conduct detrimental to the integrity of the NRS”. This includes owners, admins, committee members, drivers, sponsors, and broadcasters or anyone else otherwise associated with the NRS.
    2. Conduct by anyone associated with the NRS that damages the reputation of the NRS or anyone involved in the NRS will not be tolerated. Any offense that tarnishes the reputation or calls into question the integrity of the NRS, its members, or those affiliated with the NRS will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. This includes but is not limited to derogatory or disparaging comments made about the NRS, a member of the NRS, sponsor, broadcaster or someone associated with the NRS whether it occurs in race chat, on the radio, on a Teamspeak channel not specifically designated for such conversations, broadcast interview, public forums, social media, etc…
    3. In race violations will immediately be assessed by an in-race admin and may be subjected to an immediate in race penalty. Your compliance at this stage will be a critical factor in final determination of what post-race penalties will be assessed.
    4. All violations of Conduct Detrimental to the NRS policy will receive additional scrutiny from both the series admins and series owners and will be subject to additional penalties from both reviews.
    5. Penalties for violations of the General Code of Conduct that fall under the section relating to Conduct Detrimental to the NRS may range from a verbal warning all the way to expulsion from NRS depending on the severity of the offense.
  3. Driver conflicts

    1. NRS will provide a private Teamspeak channel (“The Parking Lot”) where drivers may go to “discuss” these issues.
      If directed by a race official to “take it to the parking lot” any further discussion of the issue in-race or Teamspeak channel not designated for such conflicts will be penalized.
      Issues between drivers that spill out of these rooms into other public forums or onto the track will be subject to penalties.
  4. Retaliation

    Retaliation is an extreme violation of our Sportsmanship code.

    1. Blatant acts of retaliation will result in an immediate expulsion from the event followed by a no questions asked 3 race suspension. All acts of retaliation determined to be blatant will be deemed to be conduct detrimental to the NRS and subjected to additional scrutiny and further penalties under that policy.
    2. All potential acts of retaliation not deemed to be blatant may still be deemed as Conduct Detrimental to the NRS if a pattern is detected and therefore also subjected additional penalties under that policy.
  5. Overly Aggressive Driving

    1. We encourage drivers to drive hard, there is a fine line between driving hard and driving stupid. Continually and repeatedly placing yourself in a position to wreck yourself, and more importantly, others will be noted by officials. If the NRS Officials senses a pattern they may undertake a review and if warranted penalize that driver.
  6. Own Your Mistakes

    1. If you make a mistake and mess up someone else’s night, please apologize to them before one of you leaves the session. We expect this from all of our members.
  7. Net-code

    1. Net-Code issues are part of simulated racing over a public network, and we all know that there is a potential for “assumed contact”. Don’t put yourself in a bad spot and become a potential victim of a net-code incident. Allow room when you are racing proximity. Issues involving net-code will not automatically be dismissed because net- code was involved.
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