The NRS is the sanctioning body for all WCR operated iRacing Series. The NRS rules and regulations specified in this document will apply to all series that operate under the NRS unless otherwise stated in that series rules.

NRS Email Address (General Inquiries):


    1. NRS Owners / Series Owners

      1. This NRS is owned and operated by Wicked Chassis (WCR).
      2. Mark Walz and Jeff Stabnow will represent WCR as NRS owners of the NRS.
      3. The NRS Owners will oversee all aspects of NRS operations. This is inclusive of but not limited to the following:

        • Series creation
        • Series setup
        • Scheduling
        • Rule creation
        • Accounting operations
        • Marketing operations
        • Series Sponsors
        • Setting up websites and social media accounts
        • Broadcasting(Announcers, Live or delayed streams, podcasts, etc.)
        • NRS staffing
        • Act as Series owners for all series unless otherwise designated.
        • If no live admin or series admin is present for a practice or race members of the Series owners will assume that role.
        • Communicating with broadcasters about league rules, standings, and news
        • Ensure league sponsors are happy
    2. NRS Admin (NRSA)

      1. The current NRS Admin is Shawn Breitzman.
      2. The NRS Admin is responsible for the day to day operations of the NRS.  Shawn Breitzman will serve as the NRSA for the NRS
      3. The NRSA is responsible for designating series admins and/or live admins for each series in the Northwest Racing Series
      4. The NRSA will act as a series admin across all series that are part of the Northwest Racing Series to ensure continuity across the different series.
      5. The NRSA is responsible for ensuring that any series social media Accounts and websites are updated regularly
      6. The NRSA is responsible for ensuring that the rules and regulations remain up to date
      7. If necessary the NRSA will be responsible for  arbitration of any committee disputes
      8. <

      9. Responsibile for the enforcement of the league rules
      10. Handle in-race admin duties or designate a Live Admin(s)
      11. Conduct Drivers Meetings
      12. Review the appeal of any penalty or any grievance filed by a driver.
      13. This committee may at its discretion review the actions of any driver who participated in a race.
      14. Responsible for the onboarding of new members
      15. Responsible for updating scoring and standings
      16. Responsible for updating Website/Forums/Social Media accounts
      17. Ensuring that drivers are available accessible for broadcast interviews
      18. The Admin’s Judgement is final in all matters.
    3. Drivers Committee

      1. NRS officials reserve the right to empower this committee and or its members as they see fit and as such NRS officials also reserve the right to restructure the committee or dismantle it all together. Committee members will be appointed by the Admin and by default the driver’s committee shall assume responsibility for the following:

        1. Review the appeal of any penalty or any grievance filed by a driver.
        2. This committee may at its discretion review the actions of any driver who participated in a race.
        3. Responsible for the onboarding of new members
        4. Ensuring that drivers are available accessible for broadcast interviews
    4. Live Race and In Race Admins

      1. NRS events will employ a Live Race Admin when one is available.  If no Live Race Admin is available then a member or members of the admin committee will act as in-race admin(s). If neither of those is available for an event the Series owners may at their discretion act as in-race admins, appoint race admin duties to the driver’s committee, or reschedule the race.

    1. Mission Statement

      1. Our mission is simple, GOOD CLEAN FUN. There is a great sense of community that exists within the Northwest club and we hope that we can use that as one of the foundational pieces for what we are trying to build. Wicked Chassis Racing wants to make the iRacing experience of its members and by extension those around us as enjoyable as we possibly can. It is our goal to build an environment that feeds the competitive spirit inside of us while providing the type of fun atmosphere that strengthens the bonds within the community we will create. Above all else, this needs to be something that we can be proud of.
    2. Core Values

      1. To achieve this mission we will work hard to emphasize the following core values:

        1. Respect, Integrity, and Sportsmanship: There is no greater feeling than having the respect of the other drivers you race against. Respect is earned on and off the racetrack by treating others the way you would like to be treated, not the way you see yourself treated. Leave the Drama at home, it has no place here. Respect, civility, and integrity are the key to creating a positive, competitive environment that we strive for in the NRS.  We need to respect our fellow racers, treat each other with civility, and maintain our integrity at all times.
        2. Adaptability: There is no “One Size Fits All” available to us due to the diversity of our members.  When you add the dynamic aspect of our membership(new members eventually become old members) to the mix, it becomes apparent that to achieve the type of staying power we hope to have, both the league and its members have to be willing to embrace change.
        3. Recruit and Mentor: As a regional series we draw from a small pool of racers. As such, members of this NRS will have vastly different backgrounds and skill levels. If this NRS is to have the type of success and participation we strive for it is critical that we recruit and embrace less experienced drivers.  It is then the responsibility of the experienced members to provide the atmosphere and mentorship needed to help them be competitive.
        4. Community and Pride: There is a fine line between competitiveness and community.  If we are going to toe that line it is paramount that we remember we are all teammates, club members, and friends.
        5. Family Friendly: It is important to remember many of our members have family members that follow their racing and therefore, we must maintain civility and if possible, be complimentary of our fellow racers in all public forums including broadcast interviews and social media.
        6. Fun: If we aren’t having fun we are doing it wrong.

    1. Eligibility – To be eligible you meet the following requirements:

      1. Have suitable driving controls. Mouse, keyboard, controllers, or joysticks are not suitable. This is not negotiable.
      2. Have sound on and understand race control.
      3. Must communicate with race control. If race control speaks to you directly you must be able to understand and respond.
      4. Teamspeak voice chat software. NRS officials are widely available via Teamspeak, as well as the vast majority of the field on race nights. While you do not need to use it at all times during an event, we do require it to ease with disputes/protests, as well as communication with drivers and between drivers in the event of server or program issues.
      5. Must be a member of the Northwest iRacing Club.  An exemption may be obtained from the series owner’s. Applications for exemption will be handled on a case by case basis.  Unless the NRS is attempting to boost participation in a series, bridge a skill gap, or add some value to a series that cannot be filled from within the club an exemption is unlikely to be granted.
      6. NRS may accept with or without restrictions, or reject an application for membership at its sole discretion.
      7. Conduct deemed to be detrimental to any series sanctioned by the NRS, whether in the course of competition or not and/or whether the person was a member of NRS or not, may result in the revocation or rejection of a membership to the NRS.
    2. Probationary Status

      1. All new member candidates to any series operated by the NRS will be automatically placed under a short probationary period so that our NRS Officialscan evaluate your abilities and suitability for this NRS.  During the probationary period, you will be evaluated on the following:

        1. Your level of respect towards the NRS
        2. Your level of respect towards your competitors
        3. Your ability to race cleanly and safely
      2. Majority vote by the Series NRS Officialsdetermines whether probationary members advance to full member status, remain a probationary member or get purged from that series.
      3. Probationary time periods may vary among different candidates.
      4. Probationary members are not automatically eligible to participate in an NRS event and will need to be approved prior to the start of an event by a series official.
      5. Probationary members may be required to demonstrate an ability to race cleanly and safely prior to being allowed to participate in an event.  Examples of this include but are not limited to mandatory practice attendance, practice minimums, participation in practice races,  etc.
      6. Purged probationary members may re-apply for probationary membership and start over after 30 days.
      7. Advancement to full member status in one series will be applicable to other series.
    3. Full Member Status

      1. Full Members are members who have demonstrated a satisfactory level of respect towards the NRS, it’s series, and its members as well as demonstrated an ability to race other members cleanly and safely.  As such, full members receive the following benefits:
      2. Full Member Benefits

        1. No pre-race practice minimums are required for participation in an NRS Event unless specifically stated otherwise in the event or series specific rules.
        2. Provided all NRS event or series specific entry requirements have been met an NRS member with Full Member status may participate in any NRS event or series. If that series or event has a full field an NRS member with full member status will be given the opportunity to qualify their way into that event in accordance with that events rules.
        3. Full Members who are in the top 30 in points for a series are guaranteed a starting spot provided they meet all other requirements.
        4. Eligibility for Prizes and awards provided other series or event requirements have been met.
        5. The NRS reserves the right to revoke Full Member Statusfrom any member at any time.
    4. Charter Member Status

      1. In BroadcastNRS Series members may be awarded a charter member status.  In additions to receiving all the benefits of a full member, Charter members will receive additional exposure through our broadcast partners and as such are expected to act as ambassadors for the series in which they achieved the status award.
      2. If the NRS feels the holder of a Charter membership is not properly representing the NRS the award may be revoked by the NRS at any time without further explanation.
      3. Charter Membershipsautomatically expire at the end of every season.
      4. Only full members are eligible for a charter member and therefore loss of Full Member Status will result in a loss of Charter Member status.
      5. In a series with Charter Memberships they are typically those who exceed a certain threshold of sponsorships and or donations, MVP’s (those who go above and beyond helping to make a series better such as regularly building and distributing setups to those who struggle with that or help less skilled drivers become better.), or participants of series committee.
      6. Charter memberships may also be awarded to help promote the storylines within a series. These usually expire when the story does.
      7. Charter Member Benefits:

        1. Charter Members are guaranteed a grid spot for any event in that series as long as they remain in good standing.
        2. We will make every effort to ensure Charter members receive additional exposure during Broadcasts and or league Podcasts
    5. Suspended Member Status

      1. Suspensions may occur for multiple reasons and may span multiple series.
      2. Any suspended member may not participate in any event without the approval of NRS officials.
      3. Once cleared by officials suspended members will return to a probationary status.
    6. Expulsed Member Status:

      1. Depending on the severity of an infraction a driver may be expulsed from or kicked out of a single NRS series or all NRS series.
      2. A driver who has been expulsed from a series is prohibited from participating in any event associated with that NRS series as a driver, crew chief, spotter, spectator or in any other capacity for a specified number of races.
      3. Petitioning for Re-Admittance:
        for Re-Admittance will be considered at the beginning and mid-points of a Series Season by the Admin committee
      4. Petitioning Process:
        An expulsed driver must submit an email to the Admin committee explaining why he or she should be re-admitted.  If accepted the driver will meet with the re-admittance panel for a final review.
      5. Review Process:
        The re-admittance panel will make the final determination as to whether the driver may rejoin an NRS series and under what circumstances.  To be re-admitted the driver must convince the panel that he or she will be an asset to the league rather than a detriment going forward.  “Sorry” might get you in front of the panel but it won’t be enough to get you back in the series.
      6. Repeat Offenders:
        A driver who has previously been re-admitted to a series following an expulsion will not be reconsidered for readmittance.
      7. A driver who has been expulsed from any series under the NRS will not be considered a driver in good standing in other NRS series and therefore, not eligible for Charter Membership Status until he or she has been readmitted to that league.
  4. NRS Rules and Regulations

    1. The NRS rules and/or regulations are designed to provide for the orderly and timely conduct of NRS sanctioned events, allow competitors to participate as fairly and equally as possible, and to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern all events, and, by accepting membership and participating in these events, all participants are agreeing to have accepted compliance with these rules.
    2. NRS Officials are the final arbiters of any dispute or rule violation and their decisions may not be questioned or criticized publicly. Any member disagreeing with a decision must nonetheless abide by it. Any disputes must be handled on a one on one basis between the driver and the administrator(s) issuing the ruling. Failure to abide by this rule, or publicly questioning or criticizing a decision (e.g. TeamSpeak, Facebook, Twitter, forums, broadcasts, etc.) will lead to stiffer penalties which can include including but not limited to removal from aforementioned media sources owned or operated by the NRS or its partners, removal from competition or expulsion from the NRS.
    3. NRS officials shall be empowered to permit reasonable and appropriate deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in their opinion does not alter the minimum acceptable requirements and does not deviate from the spirit or intent of the NRS Rules and Regulations. Any interpretation or deviation of this rule is left to the discretion of the officials. Their decision is final.
    4. From time to time, unforeseen circumstances may dictate the need for race events to occur under extraordinary conditions, subject to special rulings NRS officials. An example of this might be the re-running and or rescheduling of an NRS race that for reasons out of the control of the NRS officials in charge of the event. NRS officials may make determinations regarding race procedure, competitor eligibility, or other matters which may deviate from established rule/procedure, in the interest of the sport as stated above.
    5. NRS officials’ interpretation of the meaning/application of rules shall prevail at race events and be final. By accepting membership in the NRS, NRS members agree that interpretation of rules by NRS officials are non-appealable, except where specified
  5. Code of Conduct

    1. Each NRS Member consents that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the NRS Code of Conduct by virtue of participation in an NRS sanctioned event.
  6. Broadcasting, Advertising, Promotion and Other Projects

    1. Each NRS Member grants to NRS, by virtue of participation in an NRS sanctioned racing event, rights to use Member’s name, likeness, image and screen shots or recordings of vehicles taken during events, in any way, medium or material (including without limitation by and through transmissions over the Internet before, during and after the events, for broadcasting, promoting, advertising, reporting or recording the event or any other NRS sanctioned event, and for sales and other purposes of commerce, and relinquishes in perpetuity, all rights thereto for such purposes.
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